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  Quark  Armin Shimerman

Full Name:
Current Rank:
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Owner of Quark's Bar, Deep Space 9

Biographical Information
Place of Birth: Ferenginar

Quark is a Ferengi business man who own's Quark's Bar on the Deep Space 9 promenade. He opened the bar while the station was under Cardassian control. He illegally sold food and other black market items to the Bajoran workers on the station. When the Cardassians withdrew from Bajor, Commander Sisko convinced Quark to stay. He offers gambling, holosuites, and food and drinks. He has been known to occasionally smuggle illegal items. Quark is the son of Keldar and Ishka. His mother Ishka still lives on the Ferengi homeworld. He has one brother Rom, who is a junior engineer on station Deep Space 9. Quark has a Klingon ex-wife, Grilka.

Quark was first seen in "Emissary" (DS9).

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