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  Kira Nerys  Nana Visitor

Full Name:
Kira Nerys
Current Rank:
Colonel (Bajoran Militia)
Current Assignment:
Bajoran Liason Officer (First Officer), Deep Space 9

Biographical Information
Place of Birth: 2343, Dahkur Province, Bajor

Kira Nerys is a former member of the Bajoran Shakaar resistance cell. Her mother, Kira Meru, died of malnutrition in the Singha refugee camp during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor just after she was born. After her father, Kira Taban, died, she joined in the fight against the Cardassians when she was 12 in 2355. She is currently the highest ranking member of the Bajoran militia on station Deep Space 9.

In 2369, Kira became involved with Vedek Bareil Antos, until he died as the result of injuries sustained in a shuttle accident. In 2372, Kira became involved with Shakaar Edon, her former resistance cell leader and First Minister of Bajor. Later that year, Major Kira, Keiko O'Brien, and Dr. Bashir were returning from Bajor when an accident occured on the runabout. Keiko was severly injured and Dr. Bashir, in attempt to save Keiko's unborn baby, transferred him into Kira. Kira was forced to carry the O'Brien's baby to term. Kirayoshi O'Brien was born in 2373 in a traditional Bajoran ceremony. In 2374, Gul Dukat told Kira that her mother was her lover. Using the Bajoran Orb of Time, Kira finds out that it was true, but her mother did it to save Kira's father and her two older siblings. In late 2374, Kira was promoted to Colonel and promoted to Acting Station Commander during Starfleet Commander Sisko's personal leave.

Bajoran custom dictates that the family name comes first and the given name last; Thus Kira is her family name.

2355 Joined the Shakaar resistance cell.
2357 Helped to liberate Bajorans at the Gallitep forced labor camp.
2369 Given rank of Major by Bajoran Provisional Goverment.
2369 Assigned to Deep Space Nine, as first officer and Bajoran Liason Officer.
2371 Kidnapped and surgically altered by Cardassians to appear to be Cardassian agent Iliana Ghemor, in order to expose her father Tekeny Ghemor as a member of the underground movement.
2373 Surrogate mother to O'Brien baby. Gave birth to boy, Kirayoshi O'Brien.
2374 Promoted to Colonel, Acting Station Commander.
2375 Resumed post as Station First Officer.

Kira Nerys was first seen in "Emissary" (DS9).

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