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  Julian Bashir  Alexander Siddig

Full Name:
Dr. Julian Subatoi Bashir
Current Rank:
Current Assignment:
Chief Medical Officer, Deep Space Nine

Biographical Information
Place of Birth: 2341, England, Earth.

Julian was born in 2341 to Richard and Amsha Bashir. He enjoys darts and racquetball and was captain of the racquetball team at Starfleet Medical Academy. He also enjoys "secret agent" holonovels. In 2371 he became the youngest nominee for the Carrington Award for his research in biomolecular replication. In 2372, Dr. Bashir discovered a cure for "the quickening," a terminal disease created by the Dominion. The Jem'Hadar introduced the disease to the Teplan system. In 2373, Julian was abducted by the Dominion and replaced by a changeling for approximately one month, where the changeling tried to destroy the Bajoran sun with a trilithium bomb. In 2373, Dr. Bashir was chosen as the model for Starfleet's long-term emergency holographic medical (LMH) program. However, it was discovered that Julian's parents had him genetically enhanced at age six, which is against Federation law. He had severe learning disabilities. He was subsequently rejected as the LMH model, and his father was sentenced to prison.

Starfleet History
2359-2369 Attended Starfleet Medical Academy. Graduated second in class.
2369 Posted to Deep Space Nine, Chief Medical Officer. Lieutenant, j.g.
2371 Nominated for the Carrington Award.
2371 Accidentally transported back to the 2024 Bell Riots. Helped to restore the timeline.
2372 Promoted to Lieutenant.
2372 Discovered a cure for "the quickening", a disease created by the Dominion.
2373 Replaced by a changeling who tried to destroy Bajoran sun.
2373 Bashir is chosen as the model for Starfleet's long-term emergency holographic medical program. Rejected.
2374 Served on U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205 during Federation/Klingon Task Force against the Dominion.

Julian Bashir was first seen in "Emissary" (DS9).

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